...Welcome, to my sound art gallery. Currently on display, a truly madly deeply traveled journey of the most beautiful dance music genre in the known and unknown universe.

89.7 FM WITR
Wed 10 PM EDT

Thurs 0200 UTC

Monthly: 868 Fox Street

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...what you talking about "mO`...


...I have for over a decade now shared with you my vision of love life dance. I believe your support of the art and artist that contribute to my promotion with their creations are a big part of how they are able to live. I and we appreciate you. May we all be safe as we, "Flatten The Curve", in the fullness of love life dance, join the journey...

:):):):) Thank you for supporting the artists that support this project (:(:(:(:

...a People Powered Art Community (PPAC) project. ...enjoy! ..."mO` ...q{~,~}p

Love the art
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