...Welcome, to my sound art gallery. Currently on display, a truly madly deeply traveled journey of the most beautiful dance music genre in the known and unknown universe.

  868 Fox Street

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...what you talking about "mO`...




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...entering a new dimension of discovery is curious, questionable and can be downright unnerving at times, though, most exciting is this, entering the 11th season premiere of my brands' showcase of this beautiful underground genre, in the fullness of love life dance, join the journey...

...gratitude for your support of my sound art house 868 Fox Street and it's most popular installation, House Rhythm Radio. While exercising your support for the contributors to this project at the checkout will you mention, House Rhythm Radio. (Sites like Bandcamp allow notes like this at purchase) Part of my dream, would, that we as a tight group of sound art lovers directly support these creative sound artist in the uplifting, metaphorical interpretation of our lives business. Look, the mission's 11th season premiere is near, but for, a distant horizon, see you there!!! Thank you. Be Safe, Stay Well.

:):):):) Thank you for supporting the artists that support this project (:(:(:(:

...a People Powered Art Community (PPAC) project. ...enjoy! ..."mO` ...q{~,~}p

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