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...Welcome, to my sound art gallery. Currently on display a truly madly deeply traveled journey of the most beautiful dance music genre universally, " House Rhythm Radio. "

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Welcome! To my weekly soulful house series," House Rhythm Radio ". Catch the live broadcast on WITR 89.7 FM Wednesdays 10 PM - 12 AM EDT from Rochester, N.Y. streaming live online @  and on

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              Thank you all for listening and supporting my brand of soulful vocal deep and funky rhythm house.

House Rhythm Radio:
WITR 89.7 FM
Wed 10 PM-12 AM EDT [live stream HERE
[Thurs 3 AM-5 AM UTC] 


Celebrating 6 years of broadcasting " my brand " of the global indie soulful underground house movement.

As you are well aware as you have been listening to my mixes that Jan 2015 is a huge milestone for my project. I AM EXCITED!!! At the same time this is a very ambitious project that will expand my project to the next level. I'm looking for advice and/or help in all types of skills from web design/app developer, artwork (graphic, photography) clerical, etc

I want to search from within the community first. I would love to pick your brain, lol. I'm also looking at adding an optional donation model. I do not want to do stupid advertising to raise funds if I don't have to. More info to follow. HMU at my email. It's over there ====>>>>


99% pure soulful house!

You may be at the gym, on your run, listening on your car stereo or having a house party! I serve up the finest freshest new and classic soulful unda ground gruvs, enjoy!

Specializing in moving the genre forward, forever!

                                                           "mO` alDo      

Listener comments:
:) on House Rhythm Radio;

What a great first set for year 5!!! Montréal heard!! Montréal loved!! Montréal danced!!!!                                                         

                                                                     Jean-Francois L.

Congratulations on 5 Years. What a great story. Great Job. !!!

                                                                      Steve G.

dude, i LOVE your radio show....literally one of the most wonderful things about Wednesday nights. Keep it up!


Just wanted to let you know that I think your radio show is phenomenal!!!!!                                            -G. Gartrelle

I love the show! Always a blast hearing you! -Michael R.

THIS IS REALLY REALLY MOVEMENT OF THE INNER SOUL AND WE ALL NEED TO MOVE FROM THE INSIDEOUT!!!!!!                                                                    -legsudesire       

HRR is the truth! -Garret V.

Great show--makes Wednesday nights better!
                                                                -Genevieve W.

I love this podcast! Jamming at work. Even though I want to dance I have to contain myself. If you like soulful underground grooves this is a must! -Omar C.

:) on Sweet House Rhythm;

Real Dope ...Great mix!    -mlplanet

Great music.... I love this music and choices I feel exposed to another human perspective on music along with vibe that the music gives off...... - DJ Soho

                comments? hit me up!